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Chinese Society Of Toxicology

Management system for individual members
[2019-2-14]The 9th National Toxicology Congress of Chinese Society of Toxicology Invitation Letter for Sponsorships & Exhibitions
[2017-1-19]The 8th National Congress of Toxicology Chinese Society of Toxicology (CSOT-VIII)
[2017-1-12]1st Announcement of the 3rd Alternative Methods and Translational Toxicology Symposium on.
[2016-12-27]2016 Annual Symposium on Toxicological Pathology was successfully held in Shenzhen.
[2016-12-13]The 2016 Annual Meeting & The 6th National Congress of Clinical Toxicology Committee was held in Beijing.
[2016-12-12]Scientific conferences and activities of CSOT in 2017.
[2016-11-30]Seeking Nominations/Recommendations for the Distinguish Contribution Toxicologist Award of CSOT
[2016-11-17]"Toxicity Testing Strategy in the 21st Century: Principles and Practices"published.
[2016-12-8]The Certification Examination Was Successfully Held in ShenZhen.
[2016-12-8]Committee of Reproductive & Developmental Toxicology, Chinese Society of Toxicology Successfully Completed the General Election.
[2016-7-20]The national conference will be held on Disastrous & Emergent Toxicology
[2016-7-1]"11th national conference of Radiation Toxicology ", Call for Abstracts
[2016-4-12]International Workshop/SD Course on Toxicology and Safety Evaluation in Shanghai
[2016-4-12]Committee of Toxicology on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine will hold the 1st academic conference in 2016
[2016-4-5]The 8th Comprehensive CE Course on Fundamental and Applied Toxicology.
[2016-7-13]Second Announcement of the 6th Drug Toxicology Annual Meeting?(2016) will be held in June, Chongqing
[2016-7-13]Training Course on Study Design and Conduct on the carcinogenicity test (First Announcement)
[2016-7-13]8th Comprehensive CE Course on Fundamental and Applied Toxicology. (First Announcement-)
[2016-7-13]"14th National Conference on Drug Dependence and Abuse", Call for Abstracts
[2016-6-13]2016 (The 2nd) International Conference on Toxicological Alternatives & Translational Toxicology (The 1st Announcement)

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